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Union Coop Supports Local Agriculture with AED44 Million in Purchases

Prepared by Marwan Alquran

Union Coop- Dubai revealed that the value of local agricultural products it purchased last year amounted to about AED44 million, with an expected rise of 25-30% this year. The largest cooperative in the UAE pointed out that the supporting and encouraging local agriculture is one of its main objectives to reach a sustainable agricultural environment and enhance food security.

Speaking of the Union Coop’s role in adopting and supporting local farmers, Yaqoob Al Balooshi, Fresh Foods Purchase Manager at the Union Coop, pointed out that Union Coop urges farmers to develop local farms, and organizes several workshops and development lectures to improve the quality and quantities of crops. The Union Coop also strive to ensure the quality of products and meeting international standards. He noted that since 2007, the cooperative has been searching for local producers of agricultural crops, in collaboration with the Ministry of Climate Change, in order to buy and market their crops through its outlets in Dubai. The Union Coop is trying hard to facilitate procedures and contracts with farmers of organic food, and pays their financial dues faster compared to other suppliers.

He added that the cooperative allocates Free of Cost spaces for the farmers to display these products, and it also promotes organic products, hydroponic, and other local products through its outlets for a number of farms in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah.

Al Balooshi also noted that the Union Coop has adopted comprehensive plans to increase production. Representatives visit farms regularly to follow up on inputs and production lines. It also holds regular meetings and lectures to farmers in order to educate them about recent best global practices in agriculture. These efforts aim to direct production to address consumer demand. He pointed out that the cooperative also holds workshops and training courses for farmers in collaboration with the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, in order to encourage them to invest in the field of organic food production.

The UAE has seen a remarkable development in all sectors, especially agriculture. This is the result of the wise government’s keenness to build solid sustainable plans to ensure the happiness of future generations.

Furthermore, Al Balooshi highlighted the wise leadership's awareness and insightful vision about the importance of agriculture, self-sufficiency, and utilizing technology to create a sustainable environment. This vision is driven by firm belief that local agriculture has the potentials to meet all the needs of the community and providing food security which is one of the main bases of successful communities.

A Quantum Leap
He pointed out that the world stands in respect for the agriculture development in the UAE. Until recently the UAE had depended on imported products, but today many kinds of fresh products are produced locally. UAE now produces about 45-50 various kinds of high-quality vegetables and fruit which meet European standards, in addition to using modern techniques to reduce water consumption.

He pointed out that the desert turned into a productive arable land, thanks to the wise leadership's directives and unlimited support to the agriculture sector and farmers. Many competent authorities commit great efforts to support the farmers through providing them with suitable platforms in in related fairs and events.

Concluding, Al Balooshi said “as consumers, we also have to support local products through purchasing them, which contributes to achieving a sustainable economy. Supporting local products contributes to the success and prosperity of our beloved nation.”

Al Bastaki: Smart Shopping with Offers Brochures

Prepared by Marwan Alquran

“With the ongoing development in all aspects of life, shopping has also evolved to easier, smarter and more streamline methods,” Mr. Suhail Al Bastaki, Director of Happiness and Marketing Department at Union Coop said. “It makes economic sense to do shopping via reviewing offers brochures. With every campaign, Union Coop prints 200,000 promotions Brochures titled (HAPPY DEALS) and uploaded it on our website and mobile apps.
This shows the commitment of Union Coop to circulate its offers to the widest segment of community members to utilize our promotions and offers. We also broadcast our offers via more than five radio stations in many different languages and accents to achieve widest reach.
With each campaign, Union Coop introduces new items to address the needs of all customers after studying market and season requirements. This embodies our message in realizing the happiness of all customers as to priority.”

Union Coop geared for Ramadan with Dh30m in discounts

Prepared by Marwan Alquran

Union Coop has also launched promotional campaigns for Ramadan with price reductions of up to 75 per cent on over 2,000 basic commodities.
The Coop is helping lift the financial burdens on consumers by offering high quality commodities at competitive prices, noting that it has specified a budget of Dh30m for the campaign this season.
Harib Mohammed bin Thani, Director of Operations division at the Union Coop said the promising scheme is meant to boost consumer happiness. "We are launching five campaigns against three last Ramadan."
This represents a 76 per cent increase in campaign number and 40 per cent jump in the budget, he added. "We spent over Dh18m on last year's three campaigns." Bin Thani said the campaigns will cover around 2,000 basic Ramadan commodities with discounts of up to 75 per cent.
The Co-op has concluded all provisioning processes and contracts, making sure all the basic needs of the consumers are available in abundance at all its outlets. "
Bin Thani noted that the success of the open basket campaign in the past years has motivated the Coop to relaunch this year. "Compared to 1,000 commodities last year, the open basket, this year, will include 2,000 commodities."
"This 100 per cent increase over last year, and that will allow shoppers to select their own baskets regardless to price or number of goods, which enhances our policy in consumer happiness, especially with the diversified communities that live in Dubai, and approach the coop for their shopping needs."
Dh400m purchases for Ramadan
Suhail Al Bastaki, director of happiness and marketing department, with the Union Coop told Khaleej Times that they will spend Dh400 million on commodity purchases for the holy month of Ramadan.
"These are meant to secure all the foodstuff and commodities that might be needed in enough quantities and up to customers' expectations during Ramadan."
The Union Coop is giving competitive offers on a variety of products, including rice, cooking oil, chicken, poultry products, meat, as well as canned foods and Ramadan items, he added.
"As per the Tamayaz loyalty car, member customers will enjoy discounts up to 50 per cent on a big number of products during the Union Coop's promotion campaigns."
The loyalty bonus points collected can also be replaced with purchases or further discounts, Al Bastaki elaborated. "The Ramadan commodities have been secured from the very beginning of the lunar month of Shaaban."
"All Union Coop branches shall remain open all the days before Ramadan and three days after the Eid Al Fitr until the last customer; none shall be denied access."
Al Bastaki said that Union Coop has introduced smart shopping trollies. "As a start, we provided 20 smart shopping trollies at the Union Coop Umm Suqeim branch to ease shopping experience from the very moment the customer enters the branch and until he or she leaves."
A staff accompanies the customer and helps him or her choose their goods, pack and put them in the trolley, and finally deliver the merchandise to their cars at the parking lot."
Payment can be made in cash or by credit card through a special device attached to the trolley. "This new scheme to be later generalized to all branches will cut the waiting time at the cashier."
This smart service is free at the Umm Suqeim branch for customers with over Dh500 purchased. "It is also available for free for special needs and old people," he said. "The same service is free for customers with over Dh1,000 purchases at the Mirdif branch."

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75% discounts offered by Outlets and cooperatives

Union Co-op, the largest cooperative in the UAE, has announced its promotional campaigns in preparation for the holy month of Ramadan, with price reductions up to 75% on over two thousand basic commodities. The Co-op highlighted that its campaigns come in line with its continuous efforts to spread the spirit of good doing and ease the costs on consumers by availing high quality commodities at competitive prices/ albayan.

UNION COOP: ‘Sadia’ frozen chicken is safe for consumption

    UNION COOP, the UAE’s largest consumer cooperative, today confirmed that frozen whole chicken produced by leading poultry brand, Sadia is 100 percent safe for consumption, as confirmed by laboratory tests conducted by Dubai Municipality.

Suhail Al Bastaki, Director of Happiness and Marketing, UNION COOP, said: “We confirm that Sadia’s frozen whole chicken products are safe for consumption,’ adding that the COOP has resumed carrying Sadia’s whole frozen chicken across its branches Dubai and consumers can purchase this product with confidence.

Al Bastaki added “The decision to recall Sadia’s whole frozen chicken was a precautionary measure that was implemented to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our consumers. Sadia’s products are produced according to highest standards to ensure its safety and quality. Consumers are reassured that their safety and wellbeing is our top priority and Dubai Municipality lab tests confirm that these products are safe for consumption according to Dubai municipality official statement .
Al Bastaki urged consumers to communicate directly with UNION COOP or one of its representatives who are available in all its branches across Dubai, and advised consumers not to post any photos or videos on social media, avoid spreading rumors and disseminating information that would confuse consumers or expose them to potential legal issues.
We regret this incident which may caused inconvenience to consumers and reassure consumers that they can continue to enjoy the high quality of Sadia’s frozen products.

Top 7 budget supermarkets in Dubai that will save you money

Grocery shopping isn’t cheap, especially when you have a family to feed. Retail food prices have risen and we need to start making smarter decisions. It can be difficult to stick to a budget, especially in a place like Dubai, but some great grocery chains in our city are helping you save money by offering great promotions, deals and just generally lower prices on food, especially if you opt to buy their own store brand products. Here is your guide on the top 7 pocket friendly super markets in Dubai.

1. Union Coop

One of the longest standing and most charlitable supermarkets in the UAE, is the neighberhood Union Coop. They've basically been around for over 25 years and have some of the best prices on offer. The Union Coop has 11 branches spread over strategic areas in Dubai. From stores in Satwa and  Rashidiya to Jumeirah and Umm Suqeim just to name a few, Union Coop always has really great deals and focuses a lot on helping the community. Their groceries are fresh and definitely more affordable than most other supermarkets in Dubai. The Union Coop is one of our top recommendations for affordable shopping.


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Emirates co-operative supermarkets offer Ramadan discounts

With Ramadan, underway, co-operative retailers in the United Arab Emirates are offering discounts for essential products.
Ramadan began on Monday 6 June and runs for 30 days. Retailers expect food consumption to increase again during Ramadan this year. While most consumers spend the day fasting, they often get together for family meals, breaking the fast at dusk. As a result, food sales increase by an average 10% during Ramadan.

The UAE, a federation of seven states, is one of the Middle East’s most important economic centres and retail remains one of the fastest growing sectors. According to Euromonitor International, a consultancy firm, the UAE retail market is expected to be valued at $53.7bn (£37.1bn) in 2016, up 7% from 2015.

This means local UAE co-operatives are faced with increased competition from big retailers. One of the country’s main co-operative retailers, the 26,000-member Union Coop, announced that it would offer over 1,000 products at affordable prices, in collaboration with 730 suppliers.

Khalid Al Falasi, general manager of Union Coop, told Khaleej Times.“The campaigns, meant to alleviate the financial burden of residents, include the biggest ever 46-day Ramadan campaign worth Dh350 million (£65.8m).
“Up to Dh68 million (£12.8m) has been allocated to make the goods available at the 16 branches of the Union Coop across the country.”
Media manager IMAD Rashid said: “Union Coop is Dubai-based and until now has served only its community, while most of our competitors are UAE and globally-based, such as Carrefour, Lolo Hypermarket and Spinneys.
“We at Union Coop are heading towards a different strategy from our competitors, focusing on quality and customer happiness.
“We also strive to compete by offering reasonable prices off and on promotional campaigns. Union Coop is very well known as corporate social responsibility sponsor to many local, social services.”

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Union CO-OP unveils 46-day Ramadan campaign

The Union CO-OP on Tuesday announced that it will offer over 1,000 commodities against competitive prices this year in collaboration with 730 suppliers.

With almost one month left for the holy month of Ramadan, promotional campaigns for essential commodities are on a high note in the country.
A leading supermarket group, the Union CO-OP on Tuesday announced that it will offer over 1,000 commodities against competitive prices this year in collaboration with 730 suppliers.
"The campaigns, meant to alleviate financial burden of residents, include the biggest ever 46-day Ramadan campaign worth Dh350 million," Khalid Al Falasi, General Manager of Union CO-OP told Khaleej Times."Up to Dh68 million has been allocated to make the goods available at the 16 branches of the Union CO-OP across the country," said Al Falasi, after signing an MoU with and Dr Hashim Al Nuaimi, Director of Consumer Protection at the Ministry of Economy.
As per the agreement, price of 150 goods was fixed for this Ramadan, with the Union CO-OP spending Dh18 million.Also, Ramadan shoppers will have an 'open package' of 250 goods at a time against 50 to 75 per cent discount, Al Falasi said. The 16 branches of the Union CO-OP will be opened from 6.30am to 2m during Ramadan.
The Union CO-OP has beefed up its promotional campaigns this year by 62 per cent as compared to last year, Al Falasi added.
Other projects
The supermarket group is all set to launch a set of projects at Al Warqa, Al Khawaneej, Jumeriah and Al Quoz , Nad Al Hamar and Al Tai.
"We will build two shopping malls each worth Dh540m at Al Warqaa and Al Khawaneej areas, and a shopping mall at Jumerah against Dh300m."
The other planned projects include, "A shopping mall will also be built at Nad Al Hamar, along with a supermarket Al Mamzar area, and a warehouse at Al Tai area."

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Union Coop focuses on customer happiness

Union Coop in Dubai declared the spending of more than Dh19.5 million on promotional campaigns, including happy deals and cash back, in the first four months of 2016, of which Dh14.6 million was dedicated to reducing the prices of goods.

The deals serve the purpose of supporting Union Coop's strategic goals to offer attractive shopping programs, develop its services to meet the latest international standards, and serve the community. Union Coop also revealed a 62 per cent increment in promotion campaigns

Suhail Albastaki, manager, marketing department at Union Coop, stated: "The Coop sales campaigns exceeded customer satisfaction and moved forward to customer happiness, through providing real discounts and services, providing the finest merchandise, and in competitive prices to meet their needs. Union Coop increased its promotional campaigns by 62 per cent compared to 2015, to strengthen its main gaol in easing the burden on citizens and residents."

"In each campaign, the number of discounted goods are between 200-250 - including food and non-food items. This is besides the planned promotions offered by different divisions inside the Coop, like the bakery, butchery and fishery," he elaborated.

"Cool Summer has been recently launched and will continue until April 30, 2016. The campaign introduces the reduction of more than 200 goods by up to 50 per cent, including basic daily used goods like rice, cooking oil, desserts, fresh meat vegetables, and fruit, in addition to electrical appliances and household items."

Union Coop also marked a 90 per cent growth in its customers' satisfaction during 2015, according to a questionnaire. This confirms that Union Coop offers high standard services to its customers, noted Albastaki.

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Union Coop Spends 14 Million on Merchandise Marking-Down in 2016

Union Coop in Dubai declared the spending of more than 19 million and 500 thousand AED on promotional campaigns (happy deals and cash back) in the first 4 months of 2016, of which 14 million and 600 thousand AED to reduce the prices of goods. In the purpose of supporting its strategic goals to offer attractive shopping programs, developing its services to meet the latest international standers, and serve the community, that union coop work in.

62% increment in promotion campaigns
Mr. Suhail Albastaki – Marketing & Comm. Dept. manager in Union Coop– stated that “the Coop sales campaigns aims Exceeded the Customers Satisfaction and moved forward to Customers Happiness, through providing real discounts and services, providing the finest merchandise, in competitive prices, to meet their needs. Explaining that Union Coop increased its promotional campaigns by 62% comparing with 2015, to strengthen its main gaol in contributing to ease the burden on the citizens and residents”.

250 goods
“In each campaign, the number of discounted goods are 200-250; including food and non-food items. Beside the planned promotions offered by different divisions inside the Coop; like the bakery, butchery and fishery.” He elaborated.

50% Discounts
“Happy Deals 8 (Cool Summer) has been launched yesterday and will continue until the 30th of April, 2016. The campaign introduces the reduction of more than 200 goods up to 50%, including the basic daily used goods; like rice, cooking oil, desserts, fresh meat vegetables and fruit, in addition of electrical appliances and house hold items.” Albastaki added.
“Union Coop marked a 90% growth in its customers’ satisfaction during the year of 2015, according to a questionnaire. This confirms that Union Coop offers high standers services to its customers”. Noted Albastaki

Tamayaz Loyalty Card
Tamayaz Loyalty Card Allows Union Coop customers to earn reclaimable Tamayaz points and Additional discounts on goods subject to card type "Gold Card for shareholders and Silver non-shareholders ", offering discounts of up to 50% of the value during promotion campaigns of goods.

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Co-ops sales rise 3.22% to Dh7.17 billion in 2015

The Co-ops have posted Dh7.171 billion sales in 2015, posting an increase of Dh223.0 million or by 3.22 per cent compared to the sales of 2014, said Majid Hamad Rahma Al Shamsi, chairman of Consumer Co-operative Union, UAE on Monday while inaugurating 21st Co-Op shopping festival 2016 on Monday.

"More than 415 products are under our private label Co-op brand and they are expected to increase as there is high demand and steady growth in sales and its market share. In year 2015, Co-Op brand private label total sales was amounted Dh76 million and is expected to be increased with double digit growth in current year."

All Co-operative Societies have spent more than Dh75 Million in year 2015 by reducing the prices for many items in order to control the price increase and to support customers to help them to save their money during price increase and crisis. The capital of co-ops raised to Dh1.318 billion in 2015 an increase at Dh155.0 million over 2014, and shareholders countrywide increased to 69047 i.e. by 2773 (4.18 per cent) compared to the previous year.

Speaking at the inauguration, Al Shamsi, said: "The co-operative movement is deep rooted in social-economic sphere of UAE protecting and serving the common interest of consumers in general and consumers with the middle income group in particular in multi lingual/cultural society comprising world communities and becoming favorable shopping destination for locals and expatriates alike." Al Shamsi said: "The numbers of main Co-operative societies are 18, which are operating with 112 branches across UAE and 18 more new branches are in progress. Total no of branches will reach to 148 in year 2016."

Al Shamsi explained that, there is a great opportunity of co-ops to expand to reach all the consumers in the country. He added that, after 40 years of opening the first Co-ops outlet in the country under the law No 13 of year 1976 has not been changed and this is the main obstacle with all Co-ops against the revolution of Co-ops and Co-ops have a chance to improve as it is high time as many works have been done between Co-ops and the Ministry of Economy and it is very necessity to have all co-ops under supervision ministry of economy.

Co-ops have been involved in charity work as well as thrust to share on corporate social responsibility; their total contributions reached to Dh217.806 million in 2010-2014. He said, the purpose of having this festival every year is to spread awareness of co-operative movement in the country and protect the consumer from market price inflation and from sub-standard products.

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Yaqoub Al Balloushi : 2016 year of local water products

Mr. Yaqoob Al Balloushi, Manager of Fresh Food Purchases in Cooperative Union Society, indicated that by the advent of 2016 most items of vegetables presented in outlets of Society will be from the local water agriculture products, referring that total daily sales of vegetables in branches of Cooperative Union Society are average from 60 to 70 tons.

He added that the purchase capacity of consumers is usually high in winter season, with a percentage of 30 to 40 % , compared to the other seasons, justifying the same by many factors , the foremost of which is decrease of prices of local and Omani vegetables presented in the markets, increase of number of tourists, decrease of the opposite percentage of traveling among inhabitants of U. A. E., because of decrease of temperature and mild climate witnessed by the Country.

Al Balloushi assured "that Cooperative Union Society pays an attention to the national agricultural products , and is still the first authority in the country that markets products of the local water agriculture, since 2010, and it earnestly attempts to define and enlighten the consumers about their benefit and food and agricultural value, whereas this comes in framework of aims of the Society, represented in support of the national products, participation in achievement of food security, and its interest in helping the national farmers supported by "My Crop" Program, and give them priority of purchase.

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“UNION COOP” Reduces Price Of 220 products During Eid al-Adha

20 September 2015:

UNION COOP declared the dedication of AED 2000,000 for supplying nearly 220 products within the campaign of Happy Deals that is dedicated to Eid al-Adha. The campaign starts today “Monday” 21 September/Elul and continues until 26 of the same month. The discount on the products reaches 40%; this is to support the efforts of the society to stabilize prices and in the framework of the society’s commitment to provide the best offers and discounts during feasts, official and national occasions. In addition to providing the best quality in sufficient quantities which satisfy the needs of consumers.

Regarding the most significant products in this discount, the society stated, “It is keen to reduce the prices of the essential products in which people rush upon during this period, including chocolate, nuts, rice, oil, sweets, meat, vegetables, fruits, household items and toys. It is expected that the number of shoppers may increase in a percentage of 20% during the period of feast compared to other regular days.”

In addition, the society disclosed, “It will issue during the campaign of Eid al-Adha two baskets of fruits differ in size and price, the first is AED 99 and the second is AED 135. They include 20 different items, so that the discount percentage for these baskets reaches nearly 40 to 50% compared to their price in regular days. These baskets get a high rush from the shoppers, since the society sold last year about 12 thousand baskets, except the special baskets that are prepared according to the selection of the clients.”

Moreover, the society added, “The prices are very convenient and accessible to all, since the baskets include high quality products from Thailand, Egypt, Jordan and other countries. Further, it provides offers for many essential products from vegetables and fruits that reach 50%, in order to pave the way for the shopper to choose freely from different types of products with competitive prices.”

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Al Baloushy: 60 to 70% Percentage of Reduction in Vegetables Price during Upcoming Winter Agricultural Season

Dubai, 10 September 2015:
Mr. Yaqoub Mohammad Al Baloushy, Manager of Fresh Foods of National Union Association revealed that the reduction percentage of the price for the local vegetables during the upcoming winter agricultural season will range from 50 to 70% in comparison with the current prices of the markets as this will include many kinds including Tomato, cucumber, zucchini and slips in addition to okra and beans.

In respect of the acceptance ratio of the purchase of vegetables during the winter season, Al Baloushy said that “the purchase power for the consumers is increased in this period with a percentage of 30 to 40% in comparison with the other seasons as a result of certain factors at the top of which the price reduction of the local and Omani vegetables raised in the markets and the increase of the reverse travel ratio between the population of United Arab Emirates due to the reduction of temperature and moderate whether of the country.

As for the initiative launched by the Cooperative Union Association to give the priority to the national agricultural products, Al Balouhy confirmed that “the Cooperative Union Association is considered and remains the first authority in the state that markets the local water agricultural products since 2002 and it strives to make the consumers recognize of its interest and feeding and agricultural value with the frame of the association’s objectives representing in the support of the national products and contribution in achieving the food security and its eagerness to assist the national farmers supported by the program names “My Plants” and give them the priority of the purchase”.

Al Baloushy referred that by 2016, most vegetables exhibited in the association’s outlets are from the local water agricultural products, stating that the total daily sales of the vegetables in the affiliates of the Cooperative Union Association range from 50 to 70 tons.

22 Trillion dollars total retail sales internationally

Roma – Al Bayan :

Macvigil, the founder and chairman of the world seminar of retailers, which ended its works in the Italian Capital, Rome, yesterday, assured that total retail sales internationally are assessed in about 22 trillions dollar.

He added that the main challenges faced by the retail sector today, including the digital sales, change the behavior of customers, development in technology and globalization, paid-up statements, decision making, and change in shopping markets. He referred that the retail leaders are subject to increasing pressures to lead the transmission in their works.

Dubai seminar 2016

Majid Hamad Rahma Al Shamsi, Senior Deputy of Chairman of Board of Directors of Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Chairman of Board of Directors of Union Society in releases to (Media Men) in margin of his participation within the Chamber's delegation participating in works of the 9th Round of the International Seminar of Retail in the Italian Capital, Rome, said that Dubai's hosting of the International Seminar of Retail next year 2016 , is confession of Dubai's gravity in the retail industry internationally.

He expects that Dubai bears the retail seminar to new more distinguished phase, which will add more and more to the seminar, on the basis of its unique experiences and achievements in shopping world, where Dubai became one of the most famous marketing destinations in the world, and today it is premise of big trade marks of the world, which are interested in having a presence in Dubai markets, and changed into a tourist destination from the first class.

Shopping destination

Al Shamsi added that Dubai strongly competes traditional world shopping cities, such as Paris, London, Milan, Paris, New York and Tokyo; and Dubai became one of the biggest international shopping destinations today. When the people come from the world to visit Dubai, they feel astonished with the big achievements made by Dubai with a great success, and are astonished with its giant shopping centers.

How did it change the future vision of H. H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy President of the Country, Prime Minister, Governor of Dubai, may Allah sponsor him, Dubai into a smart city, and how did Dubai adopt creation by announcing year 2015 as year of creation. Today, Dubai has become one of the most remarkable tourist destinations in the world, which attracts the tourists from different areas of the world.

Al Shamsi added that the seminar, hosted by Rome this year, is completion of the international seminar of retail, and was hosted by Paris in the year 2014, where retail companies and tradesmen, and giants of retail in the world discussed the challenges faced by the retail sector in the world, and seek to create solutions for these challenges, which differ from a country to another, and hence the participants attempt to look up the future of retail sector.

3 billion Dirhams sales of "Cooperative Union" annually

Roma – Al Bayan:

Khaled Hameed Al Falasi – General Manager of Cooperative Union Society said in releases to (Media People) at margin of his participation within delegation of Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry, participating in works of the 9th Round of the World Seminar of Retail in the Italian Capital, Rome, that Cooperative Union Society is self-established and not supported from the Government. Today, it has become the biggest cooperative society at the level of Middle East Region, where its sales are about 3 billion Dirhams per year, and there is no cooperative society in the region, whose sales reach this figure, including the cooperative societies supported by other Gulf Countries.

Al Falasi added that total branches of Cooperative Union Society will reach 14 branches in Dubai by the end of year 2015 after launching two new branches of Society. We also manage three stores in emirate of Ajman in the name of (Ajman Markets Society – Management of Union Society).

Al Falasi talked about their plans to receive the year 2010, in which Dubai will will host Expo International Exhibition, the huge world event, saying : we have five commercial centers to receive the year 2010, and now we are establishing three types of stores, namely supermarket, hypermarket and shopping centers.

Now we have two shopping senters, and by advent of 2010 we will have five shopping centers, namely Al Itehad Centre, Al Barsha Centre, Al Warqaa Centre, Al Khawanij Centre, and Jumeirah Centre. We will also open a new branch of hypermarket in the International City by the end of current year.

Further, we will open another new branch of hypermarket in Al Hamria Area by the advent of mid of 2017, and we will have series of new shops in the name of (Freshen One), where we signed an agreement with Awqaf in order to invest the old groceries found in mosques with new criterion. The volume of investment will depend on volume of grocery found in the mosque.

The volume of groceries differs from a mosque to another. We will start with three new designs, whose volumes will average from one thousand square feet to 3 thousand square feet, depending on different types of groceries found in mosques, and they will be ready in the first quarter of 2016.

Happy shopper: great local produce at a good price

7DAYS Reader | September 7, 2015 A bag of groceries

Sometimes it’s nice to give credit where it is due, and I have to do just that to the new branch of Union Coop on Al Wasl Road.

The store is super modern, the staff lovely and the produce is fantastic! The local vegetables and fruit are incredible both in price and quality compared to all the other stores in Dubai that insist on only stocking imported produce.

Today I bought broccoli for a quarter of the cost of the store next door!!

I do all my shopping there and can honestly say that I save a great
HT, Dubai

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Pay from your car with shopper valet service

Smart Golden Trolley at Union Coop helps you bypass check-out queues

Dubai How often have you stood in a supermarket queue and dreaded if the ice-cream would melt before you reached home?
The tedious ritual of waiting to check out your groceries has become a thing of the past in at least one hypermarket.
The brand new Shopper Valet service rolled out by Union Coop in Dubai allows you to walk straight to your car and settle your bills from the comfort of your seat.

No more waits

Customers using the service are assisted by valets who accompany them with a smart Golden Trolley that does not need to wait at the cash counter.
“The valet carries a bar code reader, printer and credit card payment machine. His job is to escort customers, pick items from the shelves, scan them and generate the bill,” explained Suhail Albastaki, marketing and communications manager, Union Coop.
“At the end of the shopping, the valet follows shoppers to their cars, bypassing check-out queues, and collects the payment either in cash or by credit card,” Albastaki added.
The service costs Dh25 but is free for purchases worth Dh500. Senior citizens and special needs people don’t have to pay anything for the service.
The Shopper Valet is currently available only in the Cooperative Society’s Umm Suqeim branch on Al Wasl Road but plans are afoot to introduce it in Union Coop’s Mirdif branch and subsequently in all their 13 branches across the city.
Albastaki said the response to the service has been enthusiastic with over 4,000 transactions recorded in just three months.
“We have 20 Golden Trolleys in our Umm Suqueim branch and they are all always in demand.
Union Coop general manager Khalid Humaid Bin Diban Al Falasi said Shopper Valet was aimed

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Union Co-operative Society to open new branches, a mosque

DUBAI: Union Co-operative Society in Dubai is intending to expand its branches in different areas of the emirate, in addition to building a mosque, before Expo 2020, at a total cost of over Dhs254 million.

Suhail Al Bastaki, Director of Marketing and Communication Department, said that the Society would carry out expansion projects in six new areas in Dubai, including the opening of five branches, and a mosque. The expansion comes in line with the Expo 2020, and the event’s expected large turnout, not only in Dubai, but at the country level. He pointed out that the Union Co-operative Society is a major economic foundation in the UAE, which contributes to the happiness of consumers.

The new expansion projects will include opening a branch in Umm Suqeim on an area of 15,000 square metres at a cost of Dhs50 million. The branch provides a parking area for 119 vehicles. The second branch will be in Abu Hail. It will be constructed on an area of 17,000 square metres providing parking lots for 179 vehicles at a total cost of Dhs69 million.

He noted that the third project will be in Al Warqaa-3, where a new branch will be constructed on an area of 42,000 square metres including a parking area for 570 vehicles at a total cost of Dhs110 million. There will be another branch in Al Quoz-1 on an area of 10,000 square metres with parking lots for 96 vehicles. Also a new branch will be opened in the Dubai International City that is constructed on an area of 3,400 square metres.

Among the expansion projects, the Society will build the Union Mosque in Al Barsha area at a total cost of Dhs9.250 million on an area of 2,038 square metres to have capacity for 1,650 people. The mosque is scheduled to be opened before end of 2016, Al Bastaki said.

With completion of these new branches, and in the light of the large turnout that the Society is witnessing, it will increase its branches to 15 in Dubai. It is studying to open new branches in Jumeirah, Khawaneej and Al Twar during the coming years, he added.

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Press conference of Union Coop

Food prices decreased in the domestic market by 7% since the beginning of the year until mid-August, compared to the same period of the last year, according to the information coming from Union Co-operative Society.
"The consumer non-food prices fell by 15% during the period from the year 2015 compared to the same period of 2014” said Khalid Al Falasi, General manager of union coop, during the conference held in Dubai yesterday.

Al Falasi attributed the decline in the prices of food and consumer goods in the State to many factors,in the forefront of which is the competition and rising prices of Dollar in addition to the falling cost of imported goods and the increasing production of local and international companies and reduction of demand in the markets.
Falasi expected decline in food goods prices in the country by 10% and non-food goods by 15% during the current year compared to last year as a result of the continuing effect of the factors referred to above.
He pointed out that the frozen poultry came in the first place of food goods that declined since the beginning of this year. The price of one Kilogram reached 8 dirhams, compared to 12 dirhams last year, with a decline by 14%. The fresh poultry prices decreased by 3% . Bottled water prices decreased by 11%.
He explained that the most non-food items whose prices declined were the washing powders, while the cosmetic materials maintained the current prices and did not see any decline. Chocolate products prices fell slightly by no more than 1%.
He said the Society plans to open five new branches until Expo 2020, in Al Warqaa, Khawaneej, Abu Hail, Al Quoz and the International City, because the Society is looking to increase its earnings through expansion in 2015. He expected a profit of around AED 460 million until the end of this year, compared to the rate achieved in the past year.
Al Falasi said that the strategic goal of the Society is to develop and support human resources through an effective policy to improve the performance of the resident human resources, and to achieve a steady increase the percentage of nationalization, in order to be able to achieve the complete nationalization of jobs in the Society, and to raise the efficiency of the processes and tasks.
Al Falasi confirmed said that the financing of new projects will be self-made from the resources of Society, without resorting to any form of borrowing.
He predicted that the Society’s total sales will rise to AED 2.4 billion this year. He pointed out that the share of Cooperative Union Society is more than 50% of the total sales of cooperative societies at the State level. It is targeting for its sales volume to reach AED 5 billion in 2020.
Opening the door of competition
Union Cooperative Society welcomed the approval of the Council of Ministers on the recommendation of the Federal Council to amend the Federal Law No. 13 of 1976, to expand the scope of the consumer cooperative societies and to allow them to open branches in any other Emirate outside its headquarters.
Khalid Al Falasi, Director General of the Society said that allowing the opening of branches of the societies in the UAE motivates the competition between co-operative societies.
At the end of July, the Federal National Council received the approval of the Council of Ministers on the recommendation to amend the Federal Law No. 13 of 1976 concerning cooperative societies to expand their activities to cope with the economic developments and policies of the state in order to be able to achieve its objectives in a way that serves the national economy.
The amendment shall allow cooperative societies to open branches in any other Emirate, and will motivate cooperative societies to recruit the beneficiaries of Social Care programs and who are able to work in them.

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15 Million Dirhams for Supporting 1000 Commodities

   Union Coop in Dubai has announced the allocation of an amount of 15 million dirhams for supporting the prices of 1000 commodities, including basic products, as a response to apprehensions of some consumers represented in the possibility of rising the products’ prices in the wake of the Ministry of Energy’s recent announcement regarding deregulation of fuel prices.

   The General manager of UNION COOP, Khalid Humaid Bin Diban Al Falasi , has stated that this community initiative has been taken from the Board of Director in order to reduce the burdens on consumers, as we assure everyone that the prices will be stable, and it will not be increased; yet, it will witness a significant decrease over the coming period.

    Furthermore, the General Director of Union Coop has added that the lists of subsidized products will be announced during the coming days, including sugar, flour and rice. These products are available in the eleven branches of UNION COOP in Dubai, in addition to other three branches located in Ajman.

   The General Director has also confirmed that the UNION COOP spares no effort for providing the all requirements of consumers, whether food, consumer products or service products. He has also pointed out that the UNION COOP is working on applying the strategy of making customer happy, exceeding his satisfaction through working as one team, and enhancing the relations with partners and suppliers for reducing the prices not just making them stable.

11 savings hacks for UAE residents

Useful advice to make life in the country a little less expensive
The UAE is a great place for career-minded expats with high salaries and quality accommodation, but utility and household-running costs are a worry. The survey findings from HSBC’s Expat Explorer Report 2014 made headlines and were discussed at dinner parties around the country last month.
The UAE is emerging as one of the costlier expat destinations with more than half of those surveyed saying they would leave because it is too expensive, particularly as a result of fast-rising rents. Here are some tips to end the month with cash in hand.
Move your money from a current account to an esaver account, after keeping the bare minimum for monthly expenses. Emirates Islamic offers up to 2 per cent a year expected profit on esavings accounts. Maintaining as little as Dh5,000 could earn you Dh100 extra annually, while staying liquid.
If you’re racking up large bills on your mobile, it’s time to rethink your usage. Switch to a per-second plan or check out the options offered by Etisalat or Du, which include a favourite number or making international calls during off-peak hours.
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Nurture that nest egg
Foreign shores offer stellar savings schemes
Get paid for paying your bills. Emirates Islamic’s cashback card offers 10 per cent cashback on telecom, internet and TV subscription spends up to Dh1,000 at Etisalat and du. Better still, the card is free for the first year. Mashreq offers a 5 per cent cashback on utility bills while Standard Chartered offers up to 10 per cent cashback. Minimum spends may apply.
UAE restaurants offer a great choice of cuisines, but midweek lunches and weekend dinners can rack up your monthly expenses. The Entertainer offers two-for-one vouchers at hotels, restaurants, spas and gyms.
Grocery bills are another large household expense and buying organic can be expensive. The Organic Foods & Café offers 20 per cent off on groceries every third weekend of the month, while local cooperatives such as Union Co-op also offer great organic produce. Most supermarkets also offer loyalty programmes and points with co-branded cards that reward you for every purchase. When buying household items such as tissues, opt for supermarket-branded products for better value.

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Dulsco collaborates with Dubai Municipality and UNION COOP for 'Say No to plastic bags' campaign


      1000 re-usable bags distributed on World Environment Day in an aim to reduce plastic bags being used by consumers'
Dubai - Dulsco today announced that they have partnered with ' Dubai Municipality ' and 'Union Co-operative' for "Say no to plastic bags" campaign.
This initiative aims to educate the public on the environmental impact of plastic bags and ways to reduce or avoid its usage. Through this campaign, Dulsco 's focus is to bring change in the schools and shoppers by encouraging them to use re-usable bags.

     As part of this initiative, Dulsco volunteers teamed up with 14 members from Nashama UAE volunteers group to educate and raise awareness among school children and shoppers around the city. To kick-start the campaign, Dulsco distributed 1000 re-usable bags, which includes 500 bags distributed at Union Co-operative located near Safa park.

"At Union COOP we are committed to sustainable practices and we work on various programs to educate our shoppers. We are glad to partner with Dubai Municipality and Dulsco for the "Say No to plastics campaign". The feedback from our customers has been very positive and we look forward to being an active partner in this initiative," added Suhail Al Bastaki, Media & Communication Manager at Union Cooperative Society.

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Dubai residents share views on grocery shopping

   Dubai: Buying essential groceries for the family is important yet it can get expensive at times, according to Dubai residents.
Residents interviewed by Gulf News said they noticed minor increases in grocery items, especially fruits and vegetables, almost every other month.
Though they claimed the small price increases do not burden them financially, some were frustrated at the quick rate that these price changes occur.

   Many residents also pointed out that food item prices differ significantly from one supermarket to another.
Gulf News visited two hypermarkets and two supermarkets to set up a price basket: Spinneys, Choithram, Carrefour and Union Co-op to compare prices.
Among the four, prices at the cooperative were the cheapest while Spinneys was the most expensive. Almost all items, even if they were the same brand, were priced differently, except for Al Ain one litre milk, which was the same price of Dh5.50 in all four outlets.

   Among the common trends noticed among residents is the increase in awareness of the importance of eating healthy, which is making many consumers opt for organic produce, especially that which is locally grown.Although residents were aware of the different pricing from supermarket to supermarket, almost all interviewed said they choose their grocery shopping destination depending on proximity and convenience, not price.
This trend can be attributed to the emergence of farmer markets in Dubai.
Organic items are more expensive than regular food items, which some residents believe is the cause of their increasing grocery budget.
   The residents Gulf News spoke to indicated grocery budgets that ranged from Dh500 to Dh3,000 per month. The items which took up most of their grocery budget were fruits, vegetables and meat.

Published by : Gulf News
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