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UNION COOP is managed by the appointed General Manager by the Board of Directors . With the support of the Management Team and qualified and trained Human Workforce

UNION COOP Work Environment

Primary Departments

  • The core business of UNION COOP being retail in Consumer Goods, the entire business operations is practiced through ten Branches and two Malls. Local warehousing facilities located at Al Quoz and Jabel Ali Free Zone and well established logistics ensure continuous support to the Retail Chain of branches. All of above are managed by operations departments.
  • Diligent and effective procurement of wide range of products of highest quality is carried out by our Purchase, Imports & Private Label Purchase and Fresh Purchase sections. This is supported by attractive offers prepared by our Promotions section, which is made available to our Customers at Competitive Rates. Also, a wide range of Branded shops and varied services creates ‘One Stop Shop’ for our customers in the multi-cultural environment of Dubai.
  • Well-structured Marketing initiatives and media plans leads UNION COOP to be a preferred shopping destination.
  • In addition to the vital role played by Media and Communication Department two sections (media and loyalty programs section) and ( communication and community service section ) . Where media and loyalty programs section definition of the various activities of union coop and promotional and other community and contribute to building the organization name in the media and by various marketing and media available either print them or audio , electronic or paper . As well as through the provision of value-added programs such as the program of excellence for the loyalty program and best services for prepaid cards .
    In the mean while communication and community service section to provide community-based programs characteristic that serve all segments of society from shareholders in the Assembly through the support programs of shareholders and non- shareholders by supporting health centers with equipment necessary and students by supporting centers , educational institutions and schools needs of educational methods and institutions of public benefit and those with special needs, and many others.
    With our focus on customer satisfaction , we always strive towards exceeding their expectations in all our branches , so he found a call center for customer service , which operates seven days a week as follows:
     Saturday - Thursday: 8:00 - 0:00
     Friday : 15:00 - 23:00
     Was dedicated toll-free number : 8008889 to receive their calls and to respond to all inquiries
    And administration all contribute to the effectiveness of the objective basis for him as he seeks to achieve customer satisfaction in all segments and their backgrounds and reflecting the national role of the institution and the local character to leave a positive imprint .

Supporting Departments

  • The retail cycle is incomplete without support functions of Planning & Engineering along with Admin Affairs departments to create and maintain the physical structure and the updated technology support by Information & Technology department.
  • Human Resources Department maintains high degree of talent management of national and expatriate resources as it’s the human touch and the secret to a successful business.
  • Part of the continuous growth and expansion of UNION COOP is credited to the Finance & Accounts department with the support of Financial Control department's involvement.
  • The vast network of our suppliers and vendors work towards our success stories and our affiliates in Ajman and Abu Dhabi.
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