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Import & Private Label

In recent years, the Import & Private Label Department has evolved as a key factor towards fulfilling the organization’s strategy. This Department was established to cover three major areas:

  • Import
  • Local purchase
  • Private Labels

For import, we are always concerned with identifying major International suppliers to provide us with the best product range while eliminating any third parties as possible. This requires Opening up channels of dialogue with foreign businesses through extensive visits to exhibitions both locally and abroad, and visits to manufacturers in their countries for production and quality assessment. This is followed by extensive sales and marketing analysis to evaluate the sales of import.

In addition, the import & Private label Department deals with local suppliers for selected items. Many of these suppliers are young businesses through Mohammed Bin Rashid establishment for SME development. We strongly believe that supporting SME’s would reflect positively on our stakeholders and our union coop as a whole.

When it comes to Private label, the Department offers generic product that provides the best alternative option to other major national/international brands by means of a price-value proposition. Yet, this does not mean we undermine the quality of these offerings as we always improve the quality of these products and packaging to be as close as possible to their counterparts in the category.

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