Last Update 21/07/2017

CEO Statement

First of all, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your interaction with UNION COOP through its new website.

Modern technology has become a source of power to variety of nations and peoples, who brag one another their technological development as they do for their urban, economic and civilization advances.

Thanks to God, UAE has become one of the countries that surpass its tremendous technological development many other countries with a long history in this field. Likewise, Dubai has distinguished itself as a prominent role player in this field, this is mainly attributed to its leaders’ eagerness to capitalize on this field in order to speed up economic growth and prosperity on one hand, and to reflect Dubai’s development in other fields, on another hand as the technological development shall bring up other forms of development to the front.

Hence, UNION COOP management was keen to sustain the internal corporate development using numerous methods. These include updating and developing its website to emphasize its astounding efforts and achieved outcomes.

Along with technological development and identifying our business outcomes, UNION COOP website also focuses on defining its corporate social role, which emerged as a top priority for Board of Directors and executive management. The website is geared towards providing an easy platform for interaction between UNION COOP. and its shareholders not to mention other stakeholders. It also defines its role in supporting and developing the national economy. One of the top-priority goals of the website as well is to enhance stakeholders' loyalty, including shareholders and others. The website also aims to provide exquisite services to all UNION COOP stakeholders, including investors, suppliers, shareholders, etc.

Finally, we cordially invite you to visit our website and sincerely hope that it would be useful and satisfy your requirements. We also look forward to your participation in the website questionnaires and surveys, in order to achieve everyone’s best interest.

Sincerely yours,
Khaled Humaid Bin Dhiban Al Falasi

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