Last Update 21/07/2017

Community Support:

Union Coop participated by supporting the vital sectors in emirate of Dubai, represented in social sector, human and charitable work, Holy Quran Prize, and also partnership with the Ministries and Governmental Establishments as follows :

  1. Support of Al Jalila Corporation: in a sum amounting to (AED. 2,000,000).
  2. Support of Society Development Authority: in a sum amounting to (AED. 1,000,000).
  3. Support of Minors' Affairs Authority: in a sum amounting to (AED. 2,000,000).
  4. Support of General Command of Dubai Police: in a sum amounting to (AED. 280,000).
  5. Support of Holy Quran Prize: in a sum amounting to (AED. 500,000).
  6. Support of General Department of Residence and Foreigners' Affairs, under auspice of Challenge Race Program, which will be presented during the Blessed month of Ramadan: in a sum amounting to (AED. 250,000).
  7. Cooperation with Health Authority to present the support to Dubai Marathon, by presenting refreshments and fruits to the participants: in a sum amounting to (AED. 1,813).
  8. Support of Talents Care Emirates Society: in a sum amounting to (AED. 500,000).
  9. Support of Faculty of Islamic & Arabic Studies in Dubai (the 7th International Seminar / Management of Money and Works in Al Hadith Al Sharif: in a sum amounting to (AED. 100,000).
  10. Support of Sportsmen Society: in a sum amounting to (AED. 100,000).
  11. Support of Campaign "Have Mercy to Rescue Syrian People) : in a sum amounting to (AED. 1,000,000).
  12. Support of School Projects: in a sum amounting to (AED. 600,000).
  13. Sponsorship of Nos. 33 orphans from Charity House Society: in a sum amounting to (AED. 198,000).
  14. Support of Nos. 10 Holy Quran Memorization Centers: in a sum amounting to (AED. 100,000).
  15. Ramadan Campaigns to support Nos. 6 of Government Authorities: in a sum amounting to (AED. 105,000) 
    Many other bodies have been supported by providing breakfast during the holy month of Ramadan were (100,000) meals distributed in Dubai airports in addition to many other governments bodies.
  16. Support Khadija Bint Khowaylid school Graduate students by providing refreshments and waters (value of (AED. 3,200)) .
  17. Support of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Faculty of Dental Medicine by participating in Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Human Initiative to support health of mouth and teeth to category of labors, including Nos. 2000 labors , by providing Nos. 2000 packages (Bags), including health products (Paste, brush, sterilizer, soap … etc.).
  18. Support of National Service Program, by paying bonus to those who joined the national service: in a sum amounting to (AED. 2,308,118).
  19. Support of Future Managers Program, by appointing the students of Universities to work in the Society during study period: in a total sum amounting to (AED. 3,800,000).
  20. Support of Al Itehad Mosque: in a sum amounting to (AED. 5,000,000)
  21.  Support project of AlRaya schools by providing refreshments and waters ( value of (AED. 3,000) ).
  22. Support of campaign of AlEbdaa school by providing refreshments and waters ( value of (AED. 2,500) ).
  23.  Support Manee bin Hashr group for UAE national Day 44 celebration by providing foodstuffs ( value of (AED. 2,000)) – and givaways of 200 Play Area cards (value of (AED. 10,000)).
  24.  Giveaway 4 Play Area Gifts cards (value of (AED. 400)) for Al Muhaleb School holy Quraan memorizers
  25.  Support Mehaleb school by providing refreshments and waters value of (AED. 4,600).
  26.  Support of campaign of Health Authority in Dubai ( Dubai Pink Ride)( value of (AED. 2,000) ), Eid sweets value of (AED. 6,000)- and gifts from Anamil wardya for breast cancer patients value of (AED. 240 )
  27.  Support Tarahum Charity Foundation (value of (AED.3,000 ))
  28.  Support Emirates national children's camp ( value of (AED.2,000 ))
  29.  Support General directorate of residency and foreigners affairs with AED. 24,000

Union Coop Cares Society participated in spread of the social awareness in society, spread the constructive culture to support the consistent social building and promote the cultural level, where the Society sponsors the marketing and awareness campaigns related the Ministries, and Governmental and private establishments by printing the slogan of awareness campaigns on shopping bags, or putting a counter of promotion about the campaigns in malls and branches related to the Society, or by presenting slogan of these campaigns on selling points screens in branches of Society, and presenting the slogan of campaigns on screens of the Hyper Media in Malls (Itehad Mall – Al Barsha Mall), for example:
  •   General Command of Dubai Police : (the 5th International Conference – Sport to face the crime – together to make internet the best use in UAE – White points, No Agglomeration – Steals from Houses – the World Day of Narcotics Control -
    avoid to enter or stop in the "yellow box" -
    Parking for persons with disabilities).
  •  Health Authority in Dubai: (Participating in Dubai Marathon, where water and fruits were distributed in Marathon), (Together to protect our children – Vaccination against poliomyelitis – provision of Nos. 30 school bags to the orphan children – Al Wasl Hospital: Provision of sweets to patients and customers on occasion of Eid Al Adha
    –Dubai Pink Ride ).
  • Dubai Municipality: (Initiative of Working Hours without Vehicles – Beware – Time of Eid and Summer is the time of playfulness in Child City-
    Clean up the World -
     AlAmal Hospital ( National Day 44 celebration) ).
  • Awqaf & Minors' Affairs Corporation : Family Village Project.
  • Roads & Transport Authority : (Since they love you, so be a good example for their safety).
  •  Ministry of Health – Health Enlightenment Team: (Smart Family Race).
  • Dubai Electricity & Waters Authority (DEWA): Be a reason to change – put a limit for climate change (Globe Clock).
  • Model Creation School: (participation in mmun Conference, where waters and juices were presented).
  • Blood Transfusion & Research Services Centre: (The World Day of Blood Donation – Thanks to save my life).
  • Signing an agreement of partnership with Zaabil Ladies Club.
  • Signing an agreement of partnership with Al Sudwaidi Sons Travel, by presenting travel tickets to perform Omera Rituals to a number of shareholders holding Mir Al Itehad Program Cards.
  • Signing an agreement of partnership with Primors Shop, by presenting discounts to all employees of Union Coop Society.
  • Dubai Statistics Centre (Secret of our success is not a secret .. Secret of our success is that you are with us).
  •  Charity Mercy Corporation (Helping the needy, by providing quantities of food and non-food stuffs).
  • Al Mihlib Basic Education School for Boys (Honoring those memorizing the Holy Quran, by presenting games electronic cards).
  • Dubai Women’s Association (6th International Conference on the protection of children from sexual harassment )
  • Ministry of Health - Ajman Medical Zone through : (promotion Call center telephone number )
  • Many other campaigns.
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