Last Update 21/07/2017

Community Support

Educational Sector Support:

by supporting (30 schools, 2 universities/colleges, 3 elderly education centers, 3 nurseries, in addition to the honoring the top ranking secondary schools students through Ministry of Education.

Health Sector Support:

by supporting (8 health centers and Dubai Health Authority)

Support of Social Sector, Humanitarian and Charitable Works, and Holy Quran Memorization Centers:

by supporting (7 Holy Quran memorization centers)

Support of non-profitable institutions and organizations and local government departments in Dubai:

by supporting (16 non-profitable institutions and organization s and a local government department, and summer training in UNION COOP)

Support of the Ministry of Economy:

Price Monitoring program

Sponsorship of Dubai International Holy Quran Award

Furthermore, UNION COOP has provided services for area development during 2011

UNION COOP is also headed towards spreading social awareness in the community through dissemination of constructive culture, to support social coherence and raise the cultural level where UNION COOP sponsors marketing and awareness campaigns that belong to the ministries , government and private organizations, by printing the awareness campaign logo & slogans on shopping bags and on the point of sale screens around UNION COOP's branches such as:

Dubai Police GHQ’s campaigns:

(901 At Your Service) campaign, (Khaled Magazine) campaign, and (Iftar Sa’em) campaign.

Dubai Municipality’s campaigns:

educational campaigns for children in (Children’s City). (Desert Clean-up 2011) campaign

The Marriage Fund Campaign in cooperation with the UAE Genetic Diseases Association:

(second health and environmental campaign 2011)

In addition to several other campaigns

UNION COOP contributed to support Ministry of Social Affairs (Social Development Section) by organizing an exhibition for productive families, at each of Etihad Mall and Barsha Mall 

UNION COOP has also established a charity corner consisting of number of charities and fundraising organizations in each of Jumeirah, Aweer branches and Etihad Mall.

UNION COOP has also promoted itself at educational institutions by establishing a mini-coop carrying the name of UNION COOP in 2 nurseries in Dubai

Thank you for your contribution in these social programs 

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